Packaging Solutions for Dairy Products

LEEB is known for its extensive experience in Dairy Packaging. Our first product in 1928 was a wrapping foil for specialty cheeses and butter. Today, our portfolio includes the whole range of packaging solutions for the dairy industry.



  • Butter wrapper
  • Sealing film / Lidding film
  • Cheese Labels
  • Flow-pack applications
  • Compound-materials for soft- und specialty cheeses incl. goat cheese (cheese wrapping materials)

Our Innovations

  • NaturaTop
    Cheese label made  from > 95 % renewable raw-materials

  • SoftWrap
    Extra soft compound made for soft- and specialty cheeses with 'delicate shapes' (edges / curves)
  • CornerWrap
    Aluminum-free compound for small cheese portions / wedges

  • Pushzpak
    Innovative packaging solution for coffee cream - nominated for German packaging award 2015 (