The Art of Flexographic Printing at LEEB – the In-house Concept

For each of our customers, we put a team of experts together from each of the relevant departments.

From the very beginning, LEEB development and application technicians apply themselves to finding a customized, innovative solution.

Our experts in materials and laminating recommend the best raw materials and their properties.

Through their work, technicians in the materials and printing processes department provide the basis of that which is currently 'state-of-the-art' in printing technology.


Our experts for the in-house production of printing plates work closely together with LEEB customers to achieve a brilliant result.

The LEEB 'Customer Service Team' coordinates customer's requirements.

Test prints on real material are always conducted in order to adjust and fine-tune the printing colours.

At LEEB, the traditional differenciation between production and sales have been abolished.

There is only one aim – the best, customized quality.